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Preggo Dreams

Your pregnant body is in bed by 9:30 PM. But your mind? It's busy dreaming up ridiculously hilarious scenarios.

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On-Air, Onward.

Come listen to me be interviewed on Huff Post Live with Dr. Jane Greer, about my book.

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Tis the season for gardening - and horrible garden pests that ruin your veggies. Use my tried-and-true, DIY garden spray.


Purchase “The Real-Deal Bridal Bible: the must-have, real-deal guide for brides”, today!

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House Party

Follow me on Instagram to see what kind of house parties a pregnant woman with a toddler has.

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Ever wonder how we can make men understand just what we go through to feed our little ones? Forward him this article.

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Detox Juice

Kick off your day with this detox morning juice, a yummy blend of beets, pears, and carrots.

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