Hi! My name is Alessandra Macaluso and I am an author, freelance writer, and blogger. Explore the good, bad, and crazy world of getting married, pregnancy, being a mom, and much more. Connect with me... HTML Map Drop your email for updates!

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Are you the horticultural grim reaper of your home? Fear not: here's a gorgeous, low-maintenance way to welcome Spring.

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DIY Pesticide

Need a non-toxic, local farmer-approved DIY pesticide for your garden? I have just the recipe for you - and it's only 4 ingredients.

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Mother's Day, Father's Day, holidays, birthdays and more, you will find unique and awesome gift ideas on my Gift Guides.


Purchase “The Real-Deal Bridal Bible: the must-have, real-deal guide for brides”, today!

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Ups and Downs

Only through the meltdowns do we have our epiphanies: come see why falling apart in Target actually made me feel better.

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Favorite Finds

When I find things I love, I share them with my readers. Check out my favorite books, favorite products, favorite services, and more, here.

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Listen In

I created a podcast dedicated to all things wedding, where I talk "real deal" stuff for brides. Therapists share advice, brides dish shenanigans and tips, and more. Listen in!

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