Hi! My name is Alessandra Macaluso and I am an author, freelance writer, and blogger. Explore the good, bad, and crazy world of getting married, pregnancy, being a mom, and much more. Connect with me... HTML Map Drop your email for updates!

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Valentine's Day is coming up - ditch the cards, and check out these adorable and FREE printables! None of which involve doilies or bows.

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On-Air, Onward.

Come listen to me be interviewed on Huff Post Live with Dr. Jane Greer, about my book.

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The holidays are over, but the giving season never ends. Come see my gift guides, full of items like this bad-ass Audrey Rocks poster and more.


Purchase “The Real-Deal Bridal Bible: the must-have, real-deal guide for brides”, today!

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I Bake.

Follow me on Instagram for more updates on my baking skills, and life.

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Ever wonder how we can make men understand just what we go through to feed our little ones? Forward him this article.

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This Pumpkin Pie Smoothie is healthy, kid-friendly, and perfect for the season. (And no judgment here if you add Kahlua.)

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